elementary green options

In my first blog two weeks ago, I set a challenge to introduce a level of sustainability to your life or business. I know, it’s a free world, so why should you listen to an interior designer – especially one who has just virtue-signalled her own conversion to sustainable design projects?!

Well, I’m delighted to say I got some lovely feedback from people who are already raising their game on sustainability, or who enjoyed getting a nudge from me about doing so.

So to extend the theme slightly, I wanted to convey a sense of where and how much sustainably can be achieved in an interior design project.

Below is an (incomplete) list of design areas where I have already discovered a more sustainable option than I’ve used in the past. 

Do let me know if you want to know the inspirational story behind any of them!

Wooden floors, carpet, underlay, rugs, cushions, fabrics, paints, kitchens, sofas, bedding, mattresses, etc.

PS Do let me know what you think about it’s elementary. I really do value your feedback.