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We are so grateful for the wonderful reviews given by past clients. Thank you!

However, we know that each project is a new beginning, a unique challenge and a new opportunity to shine.

M Erzen

Working with Laurence on the recent central champagne bar at Denorex International was an absolutist dream. Not only were her designs beautiful and a pleasure to bring to life, she was also a joy to work with, her passion for the project was infectious and my entire crew loved the few days we spent on site with her.

Sarah Phillips

Laurence is a highly creative person and was able to introduce a level of uniqueness to our interior design which we could not have achieved by ourselves.

Aiste Freestone

I’ve had the privilege of partnering with Laurence, a trusted interior design partner, and I can’t sing her praises enough. Laurence’s expertise, creativity, keen eye for design, attention to detail, and innovative approach consistently deliver outstanding results. Working with her has been a true pleasure, and I look forward to many more ventures together.

Thomas Wilhelm

(Translated by Google) Teacher in BTS Study and Creation of Layout, I received Laurence in class so that she could present her creative process to our students. She then suggested that they apply it on a project for 3 days. This stay was very enriching for them. Through the attention she gave them, her availability and the quality of her advice, Laurence was able to significantly improve the quality of their personal work and their design proposals. Many thanks to her! (Original) Enseignant en BTS Etude et Réalisation d’Agencement, j’ai reçu Laurence en classe pour qu’elle présente son processus créatif à nos étudiants. Elle leur a ensuite proposé de le mettre en application sur un projet pendant 3 jours. Ce séjour a été très enrichissant pour eux. De part l’attention qu’elle leur a portée, sa disponibilité et la qualité de ses conseils, Laurence a su faire évoluer de façon significative la qualité de leurs travaux personnels et de leurs propositions d’agencements. En grand merci à elle !

Laura Egglestone

Laurence has such an amazing talent when it comes to interior design but what stands out most for me is her utmost professionalism and ability to deliver faultless service consistantly. The reviews speak for themselves… give her a call – i have no doubt that it will be worth it.

Elina Anatole

Laurence is an absolute gem to work with. Her level of professionalism and patience is admirable. The spaces she puts together are both comfortable yet vibrant and unique.

Nicole Gosling

Laurence did a magnificent job and totally transformed our living space. Working with her was a real joy. The onboarding process meant that she totally understood what we were trying to achieve. She produced a design which was thoughtful and practical with some clever ideas to maximise the space. She devised a beautiful scheme with some lovely details. We are delighted with the results! Would highly recommend.

Sue Green

From the architectural external shape of the building to commercial light fittings/kitchen/staircase design and sourcing/ I needed something different – ES was with me every step of the way. We are thrilled with the outcome!

Asaf Levy

Laurence helped us with the interior design of our new house – bottom up! She was a pleasure to work with. Her patience and understanding through the entire process were incredible. She was able to translate our fuzzy ideas into reality and guide us through the whole process. We liked her approach, starting from getting to know us and what we like. She has a wonderful sense of style, but we never felt she was overbearing; Laurence always took the lead from us, but every idea was more stylish once she brought it to life! Laurence is also a lovely person. A renovation project can be stressful, but Laurence was always calm, positive, and reassuring. As we said, a pleasure to work with! And the result? We love our house, it’s just beautiful – everything that we hoped for. We are grateful to Laurence for her work!

Meng Tan

Laurence was very pleasant to work with. She renovated our old apartment in St John’s Wood and achieved what we envisaged how it would look like. Its amazing how things got done even during the lockdown and us not been in the country. Laurence was very articulate and quick to all queries on the emails which really put us at ease when its done remotely via emails and zoom calls. We highly recommend her to anyone and will definitely use her again. We cannot wait to enjoy our pied de terre once Malaysia opens up its border and allow us to travel again.

Chris Gkekas

Laurence helped us with the full renovation of our kitchen and bathroom and also drew up a complete lighting plan for our ground floor. Right from the start Laurence encouraged us to consider bold colours and textures, while respecting our personal style, and provided a wide variety of materials to choose from. We loved the fact that she sourced many of the materials from local businesses and she is certainly well connected in the industry. This was a big project but Laurence managed everything gracefully. We love the end result and we will enjoy our home for many years to come.

Maayan Winter

We recently moved to our new flat and although it is a new build project we still had a lot of specific ideas in mind such as: make the kitchen bigger, make enough storage space for a young family and make the flat look spacious and modern. Laurance was very patient and professional throughout the whole process. The creative phase was inspiring and she had brilliant ideas for every area of the house. She is working with excellent professionals that made everything possible. Now that the project is done I am so happy with the design and couldn’t see it another way!

Muriel Zsiga (Wise Rock Property)

Laurence has an amazing ability to connect with people and understand what they want to achieve. I am regularly working with her for staging properties for sale or for let and she can adapt to any type of property and budget. It’s a pleasure to work with her and she has helped me tremendously to sell/let properties for a higher price. She’s very professional, patient and brings a wealth of experience in design and interior architecture.

Lara Frankovic

Laurence is a very talented interior designer, with an amazing eye for optimal use of space and great ability to mix colours and textures. Laurence has a great understanding of what the client wants, and works in a very organised and pragmatic fashion in both the planning and delivery stages of the project. Her communication is impeccable and she is very patient. Thanks to her listening skills, valuable input, lots of hand holding but also pushing my assumptions and ideas, Laurence has helped me in seeing my dream home become reality (and through her project management took a massive amount of stress away from me as well!).

Jessica Strong

It wasn’t until I moved back into our house for which Elemental Studio had provided a complete lighting plan, that I fully appreciated the skill and consideration that went into it – our house has never been so thoughtfully illuminated! Laurence is lovely to work with and was a pillar of support throughout the whole project. She was always happy to provide me with additional support and information, and I would be lying if I said her personal style didn’t rub off on me in designing our renovated house and I am really happy with the results!

speaking at work Connect. Influence. Lead

At short notice Laurence from Elemental Studio came over to assist me with styling our house. After refurbishing our Victorian Town house 4 years ago in a very open plan design we have never been happy with the style of the interiors, we felt like we had some nice pieces of furniture but they didn’t really hang together in a coherent story. We asked Laurence to help style the rooms in a way that would make each space feel like room with a purpose rather than a space we passed through. We wanted to reuse as much as possible and then purchase any missing elements. Laurence was extremely professional and did exactly as we asked. She assessed each room from every angle to ensure it looked right no matter where you were in the room. In a few hours and few purchases our house went from looking like a house to feeling like a home. Laurence listened to our needs and then delivered exactly what we asked for. She was a pleasure to work with. We can’t recommend her highly enough.

Sally Pendlebury

We have never used anyone in the past for the various home improvements we’ve done through the years and to be honest we weren’t’ sure if we really needed the type of service Laurence offers, but she came highly recommended by a neighbour and we decided to go for it! Thank goodness we did, she had made such a difference to the whole process and throughout has been an incredible support to us. Laurence spends a lot of time finding out about her clients taste, lifestyle and wishes so it feels very much like a collaboration rather than somebody imposing their taste. Occasionally she questioned why or what we had in mind and time and time again her questions or concerns proved to be crucial to a better more thought through outcome. She sourced all manner of wall coverings, surfaces, flooring and lighting that we would never have found and was always extremely conscious of budget. She always looks for solutions to any problems that arise and will speak to anyone that needs to be spoken to….in short our experience has been a lot less stressful than it could have been and we have a fantastic open plan living space that she has brought to life. Thank you Laurence Like 16 March 2019

Alexandra Roche

We worked with Laurence to optimize the space in our flat and to renew our furniture to have a more consistent style. The result is amazing : the ambiance and the vibes changed radically, our place does feel like home now! Laurence had a real talent to understand what we wanted. She has an amazing eye and she is a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend her!

Dextene Ellinis

Ok, short and sweet: Awesome to work with, so clear and precise on Design & Information. Always listens to our advice regarding fabrics and suitable treatments. Gets the job done no matter what it takes. Pleasant to work with at all times and remains understanding and professional. We at Ellinis Interiors simply LOVE working with Elemental Studio!!!


Laurence helped us find the right colours for our new home. She took the time to get to know our style and preferences and also included the children in the project. We particularly loved her suggestion to paint the room of our 10-yo in triangle-shaped patterns. We also loved the quirky wall paper options she suggested! Laurence sparked our imagination and brought our and her ideas together in a script that we handed over to the decorators. Although we haven’t realised all decorations yet we now have a clear plan to make our house step-by-step our very own place.