Simple home styling for Xmas

Christmas is coming – and two things are for sure. One, this won’t be like any other festive season. And two, my goodness we need this!

After so much misery in 2020, each of us needs to ignite a spark of Xmas joy.

When looking back at my childhood I’m surely not alone in remembering Christmases as major highlights. I still see Xmas as a chance to spend time with my family, creating wonderful spaces, experiences and memories for the children. A lot of the religious and festival elements have fallen by the wayside, but with so much uncertainty around us, the idea of tradition has rarely been so important.

After the rigours of the past year, spending time preparing for Christmas is a great way to forget, even for a moment or two, the challenges and setbacks, whilst concentrating on timeless realities. It’s a chance to pause, reflect, recharge and get ready for (please, please, please!) a better year ahead.

Christmas is a time for hopes and dreams, but also for enjoying the simple things in life. Being with those we love. Spending time together. And creating a haven in our homes – the perfect setting for festive celebrations.

This year, my theme is to keep things simple and sustainable. Yes, I’ve been collecting gold and silver accessories, but we’re talking colour, not precious materials. My watchwords are ‘nothing extravagant’, so I’m using wood and straw as decorative materials.

If you’re still looking for ideas in how to style your winter break, here are some of the places that have inspired me. I’d feel comfortable buying from any of these businesses, having checked them out as ethically sound. Their products are high-quality and no one was exploited in making them.

Have a quick look – and good luck in creating your own winter wonderland!