Plastic rugs – surely not?!

As we all try to use materials more sustainably, I’m sure you’ve noticed a trend towards the clever transformation of various plastics. People use smart technologies to turn plastic waste into car seats and clothes; plastic bottles back into fuel; and hard plastics into everything from insulation to ecobricks.

This trend is especially visible in home furnishings, with many innovations proving even better than virgin materials. For instance, recycled plastic products can be more stain-repelling, pet-proof and resistant to allergens than new ones.

I’ve come across many lovely stories and websites so I thought I’d share a few pointers with you today – focusing on just one area: rugs.

Rugs are such a simple way to lift a room or space. They lend colour and reflect personality. Yet like so many items in the home or workspace, some carry a large carbon footprint, involve worker exploitation, or use unsustainable materials and toxic dyes.

So here’s the alternative: rugs made from recycled materials, with traceable supply chains.

It’s amazing how impressive such rugs can be – and yes, we really are talking about recycled plastic, turned into something soft, beautiful and yielding underfoot. What a lovely destination for plastic products, rather than ending up as landfill and ocean waste! And when you tire of the rug, most of them can be fully recycled once again.

As you’d expect, I’ve not taken such website claims at face value. As with any material we consider using through Elemental Studio Ltd, sustainability and best practice need to be checked direct with the manufacturer. Below are links to three of my new rug soulmates – with the bonus being the discovery of what else they produce. 

So if you’re looking for right-on rugs, brilliant bags or classy cushions, these are the suppliers I’d recommend.