elementary fabrics

I want to share a love story – about Black Pop and Timorous Beasties!

If you haven’t heard of them, these are examples of vibrant fabric made by small British companies. I fell head over heels for them a few years ago, thanks to a nice little plot twist.

Walking near home, I stumbled across an upholstery class full of passionate people and broken-down armchairs (plus broken daybeds, unloved sofas, etc). Fascinated by an array of springs, horsehair, shiny tacks and a wild array of fabrics, I signed up on the spot and soon learned how furniture can be brought into this century by adding upholstery skills and the right fabric and trim combinations. 

So here’s my recommendation of the day: check out https://jimmiemartin.com to find truly inspirational rock and roll furniture that has been lovingly upcycled for a unique interior style! 

As for personal inspiration, this is one of the armchairs I reupholstered. It had been left in a garage for years – but look what a bit of gorgeous fabric and upholstery can do!

If you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll know that elemental studio is all about sustainability these days, so we make sure we source all our fabrics responsibly. We work with local British suppliers who in turn adhere firmly to industry regulations. My love affair with Black Pop, for example, is fuelled by their work with family firms and how they save furniture from landfill. They’ve even created a form of velvet from recycled water bottles. What’s not to love!

I’ll be back on your screen in a couple of weeks, but before that, do let me know if you want to hear about other suppliers – or if you have someone you rate highly for sustainable best practice.

PS Do let me know what you think about it’s elementary. I really do value your feedback.