(what you need)

There are thousands of Interior Designers. Who you select depends on trust. Trust in previous achievements. Trust in your designer as an individual. And trust in the process.

Above all else, you need to feel in safe, creative hands.

At Elemental Studio, we never impose our taste. Our task is to turn your space into a reflection of your unique personality and preferences. That means translating your specific expectations into realities – or converting a broader brief into an unexpected joy.

Either way, the result is an Interior Design solution that looks and feels right. For you.


(what we do)

We deliver beautifully-crafted residential and commercial interiors. We bring spaces to life, adding elegance or impact, style or grace.

If you have a home to sell, a house to rejuvenate, an office to revive or a building to refurbish, we can help.

We can work alone; alongside our trusted range of experts, associates and suppliers; or as project leads, bringing in everyone from architects to curtain fitters.

From single rooms to mansions and offices to entire buildings, we deliver projects in London, across the UK – or anywhere in the world where great design is wanted and appreciated.


(what we can do for you)

We can build your bespoke look around a painting or object; a colour or theme; an aesthetic or an emotion.

We love to source or highlight a work of art, give new life to old furniture, or animate a room using imaginative fabrics, colours and materials.

If you have an heirloom to restore, a tired antique to revive or a little gem from a second-hand shop, we can turn each into the centrepiece of a refreshed, inspirational space.

Our Services

(how we deliver)

At the heart of every project is our founder, Laurence Katz. Her background in business marketing ensures that creativity is matched by rigorous processes and transparency. No wild concepts. Just simple, clear guidance in plain English, allied to professional implementation.

Everything is planned, costed, documented, scheduled and delivered as promised. It means every project is delivered with a priceless commodity built-in: reassurance.

Laurence trained as an interior designer at London’s prestigious KLC School of Design, before opening Elemental Studio in 2015 to serve a growing clientele of residential and commercial clients. She works on every Elemental Studio project, maintaining accountability alongside quality and imagination, every time.