Author: Laurence Katz

Plastic rugs – surely not?!

As we all try to use materials more sustainably, I’m sure you’ve noticed a trend towards the clever transformation of various plastics. People use smart technologies to turn plastic waste into car seats and clothes; plastic bottles back into fuel; and hard plastics into everything from insulation to ecobricks.

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Wood works – some practical tips

In my last blog I explored the lifecycle of wood – from sourcing to sustainable recycling. Here I’m going to dig a bit deeper into some of the practical things designers and consumers can do, to feature wood in commercial and residential environments.

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The wonders of wood

Having highlighted the importance of natural materials in my last blog, I thought it would be useful to explore how nature’s materials can play a sustainable, positive role within interior spaces – starting with the wonders of wood.

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elementary fabrics

I want to share a love story – about Black Pop and Timorous Beasties! If you haven’t heard of them, these are examples of vibrant fabric made by small British companies. I fell head over heels for them a few years ago, thanks to a nice little plot twist.

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an elementary hello

It occurred to me that I’ve been rather rude. This is my third blog, but I haven’t yet introduced myself properly. If we’re going to get to know each other better (and I do hope we will), I should tell you a bit about myself.

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elementary choices

How have you reacted to lockdown?

Terrible though it’s been (and tragic for many), the change of pace has created a real opportunity – the chance to review our lives and rebuild our businesses.

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